Why Would You Do Yoga?

Group of young sporty attractive people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, standing together in Virabhadrasana 1 exercise, Warrior one pose, working out, indoor full length, studio background

Consider the natural agility and mobility of an active child. This quality can be open to us all as we age if we learn to move and use the body in the appropriate way.

Key Pointers:
Bring up an image of a person who’s posture is bent over and what the limiting factor might be?
Simplified, it is likely the spine. The vertebral column has tremendous potential for movement and is a fascinating if complex structure designed to go forwards, backwards, rotate and laterally flex (side bend). To load the spine well we need to orientate correctly when lifting for example. This means that are hip joints need to be open and our legs strong in order to squat. Squatting to lift heavier objects (as opposed to bending over) will also keep our chest and shoulders open, helping to prevent a rounding of the shoulders and bent over posture.

Simply put; if we maintain mobile hips, keep strength in our legs, move the spine through all planes regularly and open the shoulders, we are a fair way towards a body which is unrestricted in movement.

Key and common obstacles in a really effective practice of yoga include: a lack of awareness, hurrying, forcing/pushing and tension. The optimal mindset is that of curiosity, playfulness, careful investigation and patience.
Yoga is not a workout yet can be physically challenging.
Yoga is intelligent movement, responsive to your needs in each moment and not a prescriptive routine!
Always here to help and available for one to one sessions including training/ strengthening advice in support of different sports. Go well.

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