About William Lane


Hi, my name is Will, my work is my lifestyle. I practice yoga and meditation daily, cycle and run several times a week, this has been an enduring pattern for over 20 years. I used to road race, dabbled in triathlon and during my years in Thailand practiced Muay Thai, outside of my work as a DJ!

It was also during the "Asia" years that I learned about Buddhism which informs my attitude to life every day and is infused in my style of teaching yoga.

It was clear on my return from Thailand that I would forge a career which drew from my experience in these formative years. In 1998, I trained in horticulture and ran my own gardening business to pay the bills, then in 1999, studies continued over two years as I worked towards becoming a yoga teacher and have been running classes from 2000 to the present day. Study has continued through the years with courses in Counselling Skills, Thai Yoga Massage, Mindfulness and most recently Sports Massage.

It feels that everything has come together following the advanced Sports Massage course. A thorough scientific knowledge of the body interweaved with an intuitive understanding of movement and the skills of observation.

My approach to maintaining good health is practical, functional and grounded.  We will all benefit from learning how to reduce tension, improve posture and move more efficiently.

Do you want relief from pain?

07989 500278 | william@sportsmassageandyogafarnham.co.uk