One to One Yoga Farnham

One to One Yoga Classes in Farnham

Originally yoga was taught one to one, classes are a more recent phenomenon looking at yoga's timespan of several thousand years! The benefit of working this way is that that content can be tailored specific to the needs of the individual, postures can be modified, injuries can be addressed and you will develop a deeper understanding of movement.

Anyone can go online and copy a yoga posture but have you refined the movement to really work for a tight shoulder, hips or restricted spine? If you aren't careful or are overly ambitious in a posture you simply impose tension, the breath constricts and the benefits of release are lost. You will develop the skills to walk the fine line of challenging yourself without straining and learn to strike the balance of right amount of effort versus right amount of relaxation. This is most definitely analogous to life and a transferable skill as your awareness grows.

Modern lifestyles are very fast and your attention can easily become  overstimulated by constant multimedia alerts. This method of yoga is a direct antidote, you will be encouraged to disengage from external events then consciously and deliberately pay very close attention to the sensations in your body and of the breath. With an absence of external stimulation, you will notice the busyness of mind and sometimes experience uncomfortable feelings, which will pass as part of the process in letting go.

For seven years I have worked one to one with a client that has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and is wheelchair-bound. The condition creates a lot of tightness in the hips shoulders, spine, arms and legs. The difference her in appearance after a session is profound, she is usually able to sit upright with an open chest and shoulders, but beyond the physical her energy/ mood are always more buoyant.

One to one yoga is suitable for anyone who would like to lay the right foundations in movement,  deepen their practice or to work specifically with an ailment. Feel free to contact me for further information.