Backround and Approach


My Background and Approach

My teacher Jenny Beeken was taught directly by the late B.K.S. Iyengar, a famous and very knowledgeable yogi from India. I feel privileged to have come from this linage and value highly the quality of teaching I received. The reason being is the attention to detail in which we learnt to understand the movements and not just "do" the postures. Yoga is more than working out, it is a life tool, which encourages overall health, wellness and a balanced outlook on life.

I have taught in many environments during the last 20 years; in a special needs school,the corporate workplace, in health clubs, private classes, workshops, the Aldershot football team and 1 to 1, both therapeutically and otherwise. In addition I have co taught with Jenny Beeken on several `Inner Yoga Trust` foundation courses and workshops. I have also taught several two week holidaysretreats in `Ulpotha` Sri Lanka a beautiful place and worth a google search.

I practice yogameditation daily which helps to keep my body flexible and strong, it also informs my teaching. When grounded and connected in my own body I am far better equipped to observe and work with the needs of others.

During the early years of fatherhood I reduced my teaching to be at home more. My daughter is now at school and growing in independence, which has allowed time to expand my teaching in the direction of slightly longer, weekend workshops which gives students a chance to deepen their practice.

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