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Which Yoga Is Right For Me?

It is always good to be clear about your motivation for doing yoga, what do you want to get from your practice? Some people want a dynamic yoga class in Farnham from the mindset of having a workout. Other people want a slower and more relaxing class.

My approach is centred around increasing your awareness and understanding of how you move on your mat so these skills can be transferred across to our daily life.

You gradually increase awareness of your body to recognise any weaknesses or restrictions and asymmetries, then you can do the work to remedy the issue. Another key part of my approach, also connected with awareness, is the recognition of where you commonly hold tension and your patterns of holding.

These patterns and habits can be dismantled by developing the skill of softening and working carefully with the breath. Shallow breathing and breath-holding are surprisingly common traits resulting in lower energy and poor stress management.

You will learn about efficient biomechanical alignment, optimal load-bearing positions and how to modify postures when the restriction is present to avoid strain.

Yoga Classes and Workshops in Farnham:

  • Autumn Workshops in October and November 2022

    Hello friends and yogi's. It has been a while and i am pleased to be running two workshops on October 22nd and 19th November, 2-5pm.
    Theme: Recognising our patterns of tension to move with softness and strength.
    The content will be fluid as we use classical postures as a framework for exploring movement and to develop more awareness. There will also be meditation, breathwork, reflection and time for discussion.
    Workshops allow us more time than a regular class to go deeper in to practice, slow down and nourish yourself.
    Bring a blanket and yoga bolster if you have one.
    The venue is a cosy studio in south Farnham, cost £30.
    Spaces are limited to 7 plus me It is a really nice space and equipped well with yoga kit.
    Parking is outside and on the road. Enter the driveway, go through side gate and the studio is in the garden.
    Contact me for further info.


Address: 58 Greenhill Way, Farnham GU9 8SZ

Text me on: 07989 500278 to book your place, I will reply to confirm, then transfer funds.

Transfers to William Lane, Sort code: 20 16 99 / ACC NO: 50722537

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