Life Force

Having previously owned and worked a gardening business for 20 years, certain clients were with me for 10-15 years, got to know them well, saw them ageing and several I was with until they passed away.

As a yogi, interested and observant as to how people are in their bodies and attitudes, I found it very interesting to notice how these components seemed to affect their overall health and energy. On the physical side, those that continued to walk and with a history of active life, unsurprisingly remained more mobile in their senior years. Interestingly, it was those with a continued interest in life, curiosity and apparently less fear that lived on for longer after their physical body was failing. With all the clients that I knew until the end of their lives, you could sense in their face and by talking to them when the life force was fading. It seemed like a surrender and absence of the energy to ‘fight’ after which the end of life was near.

I share this not to be macabre or depressing but to invite reflection on what is it that ignites your zest for life, are you working towards it, does it lead to long term well- being and happiness?

What makes you tick; do you have solid strategies to generate energy (life force) and then to nurture or replenish your vital energy. The skill is in cultivating enough awareness to recognise what is needed in this moment and the next, then acting on it.

Mindfulness, holistic yoga, meditation, exercise, nature, music, dance and art are my personal favourites.

Go well and live well.

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