Assess Your Priorities



As we find are feet after the first working week post-Christmas, there is much talk of focusing on what we wish to achieve in the year ahead in our business and personal lives. This is useful and productive; it helps to sharpen our focus and reframe our goals, but we need to be mindful. On your list of priorities, where does self- care rank, does it rank, do you have strategies to maintain holistic health?

So how do we do it? In simple terms, exercise, fun and quiet time. Create life force energy with exercise, which doesn’t need to be vigorous, have fun to lift your spirit and rest enough to rejuvenate your energy.

Of course, the challenge is time management and developing enough awareness to recognise what is really needed in this moment, we must enquire and look carefully.

I find it strange that many people will spend a fortune on their care or home but are more reticent to pay for a course of treatments to address niggling pain. It seems obvious that if we are well rested with a healthy body and mind then everything we do will be enhanced.

Where do your priorities lie?

Wishing all goodness for the 20’s, go well.

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