Reflections in Ethical Confinement

How are you managing this usual situation?

Perhaps you are still able to work, either from home or as key worker; maybe you are doing the best to keep children entertained and educated; or taking time for DIY and gardening. A plethora of creative ideas have sprung forth: arts, crafts, online courses/ classes and people connecting via the medium of facetime/ video calls etc.
Human beings are creative and resourceful; technology has given us the amazing potential to do so much from home. Yesterday, my daughter was sewing on a facetime call with her friend with both lending help with certain stitches and sharing quiet company.

I wonder how many people have reflected on the pace of their lives, perhaps even questioning whether a constant hurrying between activities really leads towards happiness and peaceful family dynamics? In our collective thirst for stimulation, are moments of space between activities increasingly lost to faces buried in screens? Have we forgotten how to be bored, how to stare into space for a minute as our mind processes life’s events and is the compulsion of swift response to constant message alerts overly intrusive yet accepted as normal?
Are we become increasingly overstimulated?

The current situation has forced us all to slow down, to curtail travel and many external activities. Families are spending more time together playing, walking, gardening, cycling and games; that said I do not wish to overly romanticize this idea as in many domestic situations there can be deep division, tension, overcrowding and very real financial hardship presenting very imminent day to day challenges.
Religious or not, the ethical qualities of kindness, generosity, tolerance, acceptance and letting go seem even more pertinent as we try to look at what is right in another human as opposed to what is wrong. If we were to carefully consider where our thoughts, speech and actions lead, might we pause before the sharp word leaves our mouth?

Slowing down the pace of our life allows more time to linger in the pleasantness, the ok-ness of simple things, to listen more and rest into the presence of our life as it is happening, moment by moment, now.
Wishing well to you, your family, friends, the vulnerable, the key workers keeping everything going and hoping that out of this very difficult situation there may also be some positive change and a new vision on what is real progress in the 21st century.

Onwards and upwards. 😊

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