FAQ’S Sports Massage

FAQ’S Sports Massage

Q) Will sports massage hurt?
A) It should not hurt but can be challenging, I communicate using a pressure scale of 1-10. Most patients are good to number 7 whilst still able to breathe freely and facilitate release. The important thing is release and working with the exhalation, a good therapist will communicate this and observe their client carefully.

Q) Is sports massage just for sports injuries?
A) No, the benefits of sports massage, mobilising techniques and stretching are for everyone.

Q) What would contraindicate a treatment?
A) Pregnancy, illness or infection, recent operations, high blood pressure, epilepsy, open wounds, acute stage muscle or tendon ruptures/ tears, thrombosis and tumours are all contraindications to massage, the consultation forms you will complete before the first treatment will detect other potential red flags.

Q) Will I be sore or feel tired afterwards?
A) There can be some delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Application of an ice pack can reduce pain and inflammation sometimes followed by a heat pack. Some clients can feel very tired after a treatment, often after the first one, this is known as a ‘healing crisis’. A treatment can act as catalyst for very adrenaline fuelled people to suddenly take their foot off the gas and stop which may feel like a crash and is the body/ mind going in to rest/ relax mode in order to heal.

Q) How long will it take to feel the benefits?
A) This will vary depending on the issue. Tight muscles can achieve some beneficial release after one session; four weekly sessions will best consolidate the forward progress in conjunction with homework exercises. Chronic conditions and recovery from injury will take longer and involve a progressive rehabilitation programme.

Q) Can I do gym training, run or cycle after a treatment?
A) To see best results, you should not put the body under strain, so light movement only and some quality rest for 24 hours post treatment, as the effects are still being absorbed. When you have an important race or event on the following day, it is advisable only to have a light treatment as the legs can feel heavy after deeper work.

Q) Why does the therapist ask me to drink water after a treatment?
A) Massage stimulates the circulation of blood/ lymphatic fluid and aids the movement of metabolites (waste products) out of our muscles, good hydration will help the process of flushing them through.

Q) Is sports massage good for stress and will it help promote better sleep?
A) Yes! Learning to breathe more effectively and refining the skill of letting go is hugely beneficial to relaxation and making the transition from the mode of ‘doing’ to ‘being’.

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