The Gait Cycle

The Gait Cycle

Have you ever considered the process of walking in any detail, quite possibly not!?

Injury can motivate or pique our interest as can the desire to be more efficient which might pertain to runners or hikers. To walk comfortably as we age it is worth understanding this process so we can be efficient and hopefully avoid injury!
With every step we take, there is an interplay between numerous muscles. As the foot lands, several muscles recruit which angle the foot so we match the contour of the ground, clever hey and we do it without thinking! These forces continue up through the outer hamstring, across the pelvis, then up through the opposite side spinal muscles and up to the base of our skull. This is known as the posterior longitudinal sling. In total we have four muscular slings, front back and crossways, all of which work to stabilize the pelvis as we walk or run.

This subject is somewhat complex and this is a brief introduction to the subject to heighten your awareness of what is happening as you take a step.

Strengthening the feet, ankles and glutes through squatting, lunging and single leg balance are a good introduction to providing better support. More advanced exercises use resistance bands and combine (in one example) squatting and rotation to activate all muscles in a given sling.

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