Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder Pain?

Do certain movements of your arm cause pain at the front over the joint line? If you do, it is petty unpleasant and can spring up suddenly.

Why might this be?

If there has been trauma, a joint capsule tear and a biceps tendon tear are strong possibilities. Stabilising ligaments may have torn in varying degrees.
Other possibilities may be more chronic and longer term such as tight chest and bicep muscles, both of which span from between upper arm and chest. Notice if your shoulder sits in a forward position, this would reinforce this theory. Other muscles would likely be involved as the muscle ‘wrappings’ or connective tissue melds and links between structures and nothing exists in isolation.

Extended periods of sitting can result in the above as can repetitive patterns of motion, think of a baseball pitcher for example.

With trauma, rest is necessary to begin the healing process followed by mobilising rehab and progressive strength training. Careful sports massage and yoga will aid tissue condition and restore range of movement. When the issue is chronic, release of the tight tissues would be the first step, then restoration of good alignment and structure using same methods as above.

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