Progress Through Gentle Persistence

In life we often polarize our experiences in terms of success and failure: a crash diet , then binge; ‘dry’ months, then boozy months; an exercise fad, then couch potato; workaholic then burnout.
These kinds of behaviors are often cyclical and perhaps unconscious, perhaps mirroring our peers, parents or contemporary societal norms.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s be clear, are you happy in this mode and have you stepped back and questioned this approach?
Let me be clear, I make no claim to being perfect in any way, I slip up, sometimes overdo, push a little hard, avoid and make mistakes!

What I have learned from the practice of meditation (or training of the mind) over the last 25 years is the ability to observe what is happening more clearly; to step back before wading in blindly or re-actively; to try less hard yet maintain persistence; to be more gentle with myself and others; to be more consistent; to view situations beyond the lens of me, myself and I !
Overall life is calmer, happier and still a work in progress!!!! 🙂

If you are interested in meditation, yoga or advice around strength conditioning for exercise, feel free to contact me and who knows perhaps lockdown could present you with new opportunities.

Go well. Will 🙏🙂

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