Muscle of the Week – Serratus Anterior

Muscle of the Week – Serratus Anterior

Always well developed on superheroes and sometimes known as the boxers muscle. Anyone using there shoulders for sport or a physical job would do well to learn about and condition this muscle to maintain stability and help avoid injury.

The serratus pulls the shoulder blade (scapula) forward allowing the extra reach in throwing a punch, it is situated beneath the underarms on the upper 8/9 side ribs, then attaches to the inner front aspect of the scapula.

It is an important muscle for controlling movements of and stabilising the scapula against the ribcage, particularly under load, weakness can result in scapula winging.

Try this. On all fours with hands planted and elbows a little bent, learn to move the scapula forward as the upper back arches and then downwards with a flat back. Go between these movements keeping the scapula stabilised against the ribs and avoid winging.

Good luck!

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