5 Facts About Our Breath

5 Facts About Our Breath

• The breath nourishes every living cell with life giving oxygen our demand for which changes all the time as does the need to expel the waste product (carbon dioxide), which in turn makes space for replenishment with oxygen once again. To optimize our energy level, we must learn to be flexible and in tune with these cycles and refine the breath accordingly.

• The breath brings us in touch with sensations in the body which provide feedback around feelings of tension and pleasure. In turn, we can use the breath to dissolve tension and linger in to the pleasant.

• The breath always takes place in the present moment; when we stop and pay attention there is a landing in this moment, away from rumination and forward planning, we develop presence and increase our ability to concentrate.

• The exhalation is representative of release and letting go; practice and develop this skill as a powerful tool throughout the day.

• The rhythm, texture and depth of our breath is we are at a barometer of mental and emotional states. The effects of stress can easily lead to breath holding and shallow breathing which easily become habitual. Our logical mind can clearly see this as counterproductive; obviously we want more oxygen in our body and brain when facing challenges; yet in practice the reality can be different!

The key factor which pervades all these truisms around the breath is awareness. We need to notice our habitual patterns, we need to experiment and play with the breath to better nourish ourselves by it and very importantly, in the face of stress, remain sufficiently aware to overcome old patterns of breath holding and shallow breathing.

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