Free 15 Minute Assessment

Free 15 Minute Assessment

Thorough assessment is key in looking beyond the obvious site of pain to find the root cause of an ailment. A quote from a famous historical therapist, Ida Rolf captures this succinctly, ‘where the pain is the problem is not.’ For example, lower back pain is often the result of inflexibility in the major joint below, this being inflexible hips and tight hamstrings.

A visual assessment will address posture and any obvious asymmetry’s such as a twisted pelvis which might be causing pain or dysfunction

Assessment of different movements will help to pick up any obvious restrictions or weakness

Special tests administered by the therapist will measure: muscle flexibility, range of movement in joints and nerve function.

The therapist needs to build a picture of all that may be influencing your issue: lifestyle habits, posture, type of work, sleep patterns, diet and stress levels all play a part.

Taking responsibility for our health needs to be a priority not an afterthought, surely!

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